C H I L D E S OSX Unicode

Mac OS 10.2 and above provides complete Unicode support and CLANX is now able to use this support. Apple provides input methods for all major languages, including right-to-left support for Hebrew, Thai, and Arabic. To use Unicode on OS X, follow these instructions:

  • Install a recent copy of CLAN.
  • Install one or more Unicode fonts in /Library/Fonts/. See below for suggested Unicode fonts.
  • Open a new file. If you have installed ArialUnicode, it will be selected as the default font. If you want to use some other Unicode font instead, then you can pull down the "Fonts" menu and select the font you wish to use.
  • If you need to work with older non-UTF CHAT files, you can convert them to UTF format using CLAN's CP2UTF program.
Suggested Unicode Fonts:
  • A good all-around Unicode font is Arial Unicode, which comes with Office Professional. Most universities install Arial Unicode on all of their Windows computers. You can also purchase Arial Unicode from www.fontmarketplace.com for $29.95. Make sure you purchase Arial Unicode and not just Arial.
  • You can also use the freeware CERG Chinese Font which also provides Roman characters along with many other symbols. For other Asian languages, Unicode fonts come pre-installed.
  • CA analysts will need to use a fixed-width or monospace font in order to get proper alignment of overlaps and drawls. The best solution here is the Ascender Uni Duo font which can be purchased from www.fontmarketplace.com for $29.95. For researchers who cannot afford this, we provide our own fixed-width Unicode CAfont, in accord with distribution permitted by Bitstream.
  • If you want to use IPA characters, install the IPA Palette system provided by Brian Hall. After installation, you should be able to select "Show IPA Palette" from the "Flag" menu. For keystroke character entry, IPAPalette can be combined with the IPAKeys keyboard layout which you install in /Library/Keyboard Layouts. Then, inside IPAPalette, you can click on a symbol and it will insert in an open text document. IPA Palette allows you to select an IPA font and the most comprehensive is the free CharisSIL proportional-width font set designed specifically for IPA characters.