C H I L D E S OSX Unicode

Mac OS 10.2 and above provides complete Unicode support and CLAN can use this support. Apple provides input methods for all major languages, including right-to-left support for Hebrew, Thai, and Arabic, as well as IPA. To use Unicode on OS X, follow these instructions:

  • Install a recent copy of CLAN.
  • You will need to use a Unicode font. If you have Microsoft Office installed, you should already have Arial Unicode and that will work well.
  • If you need to work with older non-UTF CHAT files, you can convert them to UTF format using CLAN's CP2UTF program.
  • If you want to use IPA characters, you should install the CharisSIL font
  • To facilitate IPA input, you can install the IPA Palette system provided by Brian Hall. After installation, you should be able to select "Show IPA Palette" from the "Flag" menu.
  • IPA Palette can be combined with the SIL keyboard layout system. Download the current version of the IPA Unicode Macintosh Keyboard from here
  • Once the keyboard is installed, you can turn on "show keyboard shortcuts" in the Settings tab of IPA Palette.