From: Shelley Velleman <>

Date: January 28, 2006 5:53:57 PM EST  Samples of speakers of many dialects and first languages, all reading the same English text, 69 words long.   DARE excerpts: Arthur the Young Rat and spontaneous speech -- small # of longer spontaneous speech samples from DARE  Some varieties have samples; not all  New Zealand, Australia, "England", "American"; all reading the same passage, 3-4 sentences long.  "American", various UK, other languages  videos of Ocracoke, Lumbee; discussion of Spanglish and verb tenses

Other links are possible from Karen Chung's homepage, under 'accents'

Also, try the links from the American Dialect Society

Bill Labov has just published a beautiful Atlas of American English, with CD.  It is expensive, but see if your library will buy it from Mouton

Also, have a look at the MLA's wonderful, interactive color maps of languages in America.   You can type in zip codes and get user-friendly but detailed language breakdowns based on census data of the 30 most commonly spoken languages in the US.