C H I L D E S The PhonBank Project

PhonBank is supported by grant RO1-HD051698 from NIH-NICHHD to Brian MacWhinney and Yvan Rose. The title is "A Shared Database for the Study of Phonological Development." This new database will rely on the PHON program, being designed and built by Yvan Rose and Greg Hedlund. PHON is designed to facilitate phonological and phonetic analysis of data transcribed in CHAT. We are working with a group of child phonologists to construct PhonBank. Currently available materials include:

Converting Phon to CHAT. To convert a Phon project to a folder of CHAT files, you first download the PhonTalk program. This program has two functions: converting XML to Phon, and converting Phon to XML. After starting the xml2phon program, you select your Phon project. Phon will choose the directory of your Phon project as the default output directory for your XML output files. Then click "Next" and Phon will start producing XML files. Next, you download the Chatter program. You click on Chatter to start it. Use the radio buttons to select the conversion from XML to CHAT. Then use the "Open" menu item to select the folder that has the XML files produced by xml2phon. Chatter will then create a folder of CHAT files.