CHILDES Child Language Data Exchange System
CHILDES is the child language component of the TalkBank system. TalkBank is a system for sharing and studying conversational interactions.




**Ground Rules**

Contributing New Data

IRB Principles

Overviews and Introductions

Transcripts and Media - XML

Browsable Database

Derived Corpora and Counts

The TalkBank Database

CHAT Transcription

CLAN Programs

Database Manuals




IASCL       SemTalk

Other Child Language sites

Research based on CHILDES

CLAN : Program - Manual - Tutorial

SLP's Guide to CLAN and 中文

Chatter XML creator and validator

EVAL manual

Related Software

Brian MacWhinney : homepage

Joining Membership Lists

How to subscribe to Mailing Lists

Phonology and Fonts


Morphology and Lexicon

Phon and PhonBank

Unicode and IPA for Mac

Unicode and IPA for Windows

Topics in language acquisition.

Teaching Tips and Resources.

Child Language Bibliographies

Building a New Corpus

Part of Speech Analysis by MOR

MRC lexical dictionary

Syntactic analysis by GRASP

ChildFREQ Site and Paper

Special Procedures

Procedures and tools for CA analysis

Working with digitized video

Working with digitized audio

The CCT Task from SDSU

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CHILDES is supported by grants R01-HD23998 and R01-HD051698 from NIH. Creative Commons License

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